AGS 12/0,6

Standalone aerosol fire extinguishing unit with a thermal starter AGS 12/0,6

ags-12-2-1Standalone aerosol fire extinguishing unit with a thermal starter AGS 12/0,6 is a saturation extinguisher and intended to control and extinguish fires of flammable and combustible liquids, solid fuels and electrical equipment, including energized one.


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    The generator AGS 12/0,6 is used for fire protection of small volumes (electric cabinets, engine compartments, etc.), including vehicles.

    Standalone aerosol fire extinguishing unit consists of the body, which houses the aerosol-forming block, and the activation unit. The aerosol-forming block is separated from the upper lid and the bottom of the generator body by heat shield material. On the side surface of the body, there is a slot nozzle, through which the aerosol exits

    Manufacturer’s warranty:

    • The manufacturer guarantees the unit to the technical requirements and Russian standards if the consumer follows the conditions specified in the instruction manual.
    • The warranty period for the unit- 18 months.
    • Exploitation period – 5 years.
    • Service period – 10 years.

    Certificate (AGS-12)

    Instruction manual

  • Weight of the unit, kg 0,15 + 0,02
    Weight of aerosol-forming charge, kg 0,03 ± 0,003
    Fire control capability, kg/m³ 0,05
    Maximal protected volume of the nominally tight room (δ* < 0,001m-1), m³ 0,6
    Dimensions, mm (diameter х height) 75 х 28
    Operating time, sec 8 + 0,8
    Classes of fire fighting

  • Operating Principle

    By applying an electrical or thermal pulse to the activation unit the aerosol-forming block ignites, the combustion of which forms gas-aerosol fire-extinguishing mixture consisting of fine particulates (potassium salts being potent inhibitors) about 70% of the original weight of the composition and the gas phase, which enters the protected volume.

    Pre-starting procedure

    Standalone aerosol fire extinguishing unit with a thermal starter AGS 12/0,6 shall be installed on the enclosing structures.

    Fastening is carried out using different types of hardware through 3mm diameter holes or double sided tape.

    ags-12-1-3 Before tape fastening, you must degrease the surface for the installation of the product.
    ags-12-1-4 Remove the protective film from the back of the unit AGS 12/0,6
    ags-12-1-5 Press firmly to the surface.
    ags-12-1-6 Fastening is possible using hardware

    Installation by tape should be in a heated room, under normal climatic conditions, then a temperature mode should not be changed for 3 hours.

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